Needs List/Donations

Ever wonder what you can do to help My Farm Camps? Running one of the last urban farms in South Charlotte is rewarding, but expensive. The following are ways you can help us continue to make YOUR farm an even better farm:


Hay bales ($252 per week- $12 a bale, 4 bales a day)
seafood cat food, for chickens (two cans per day)
Grain (Senior feed, $18 per bag, 4 bags per week)
Farrier ($60-90 per horse)

VET: don’t even ask! $$$

Farm Needs:

Shovels/Hoes/Manure forks
Work Gloves
Helmet Spray
Arts and Crafts Supplies

Gravel/Fill dirt
Sand for Arena
Shavings for Stalls

Send a Kid to Camp (any amount welcome) $395/wk.

Donate to the new My Farm Camps Experience Inc. in Pineville

Contributions can be made by bringing things to the farm, or by donating online with the button below.