Future Camp: My Farm Camps Experience – Pineville

I would love to share my heart and vision for our next phase to My Farm Camps. We are official FAITHLEAPERS and need others to help join us in the new adventure! Both Kenny and I  are super excited and optimistic as we know this is where God is leading My Farm Camps!  Some things you may not know; I’ve been operating My Farm Camps, in one form or another, for almost 10 years now with a brief departure to help design, rebrand and launch new programming for Camp Harrison for 2 years. Each year at My Farm Camps, we get the chance to help, educate and encourage kids by using animals and the outdoor educational programming to share the love of Jesus Christ.

The camp program is all about building relationships and educating kids on the pure and simple joys of farm life.  Animal care and handling, riding horses, gardening, farm-to-table creations, arts and crafts, hiking, hard work, and mostly fun.

We recently bought 21 acres in Pineville, which will serve as the permanent home to My Farm Camps Experience. (This is the new Non-Profit)  We have a BIG dream for that location, which unfortunately is accompanied by a big budget. We need to build the entire camp, as this is untouched land without even a well or power on the property. The structures we need to build include a 12 stall Barn, Riding Arena, 3 Tree Houses, Craft Village, Farm To Feast Garden and Teaching Kitchen and Music Pavilion.

The good news is that My Farm Camps has a very large, very committed base of campers and their families, many of which have been with me from the beginning.

We have grown by roughly 100 campers per year for the past four years, and 2016 was the first year where I had to turn people away. Many of these kids absolutely need this type of programming as it just simply does not exist anywhere else in the greater Charlotte area. I simply do not want to ever turn away kids due to a lack of space! I have the ability to serve more, just not the space. That’s the reason for the move.  Also, with all of the development that now surrounds us in Ballantyne, a lot of the trails and pastures we have been using are no longer available.

The new location will give us all the room we need to grow and to continue to thrive.  Our on-going operations will cover all of our annual expenses, but we will need help in building the initial infrastructure. This is a 1 time ask.

Here is a new video we shot while recently at the new Pineville property!


I would humbly ask that you consider helping support this vision in any way you can; connecting me to your inner circle as well as appropriate leaders/friends/foundations who can make decisions regarding financial support. Also, if you have any other kind of ideas to generate support please let me know; we are anxious to get the camp moved to this new location in order to serve more kids and families.

Make donations to: My Farm Camps Experience Inc.

My Farm Camps
16202 Marvin Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28277

Or call to charge your donation: 704-996-3048

Blessings and Thanks!

Denise and Ken Hmmond